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National Public Works Week May2021.

American Public Works Association Accreditation

The Alameda County Public Works Agency (ACPWA) is proud to be accredited by the American Public Works Association (APWA), an organization that recognizes public works agencies that go above and beyond the requirements of the management practices established nationally in the public works industry.

ACPWA's most recent re-accreditation was awarded in August of 2020, and two ACPWA programs were recognized for exceptional model practices - the Capital Improvement Program (CIP) Budget Process Intranet Portal and Community Outreach. We are grateful for this acknowledgement and will continue to do our best work in every department.

When ACPWA was originally accredited in 2012, it was only the 8th agency in California to receive the accreditation award, and the 79th in the nation. Maintaining the accreditation status requires that an organization be reevaluated and granted re-accreditation every four years.

Stonybrook Creek

2020 APWA Norcal Award

ACPWA was recently awarded an APWA 2020 Norcal Award for the Stonybrook Creek Fish Passage Improvement Project.  Stonybrook Creek is a near-pristine natural riparian habitat and former steelhead spawning ground. The project included retrofitting an existing culvert that was blocked by fallen boulders at the entrance, restoration of the creek’s banks - stripped of vegetation due to decades of soil erosion, the replacement of an old, dilapidated bridge over the creek, and the creation of fish passage step ponds.

This has been a major,  decade-long effort led by Alameda County Flood Control and Water Conservation District (ACFCD) and several local partners  to help restore fish passage into and out of Stonybrook Creek, along its entire length.

CASQA Award for Turner Court

2020 CASQA Award

ACPWA won the California Stormwater Quality Association (CASQA) 2020 Award for its Turner Court Green Infrastructure Demonstration Project. The CASQA award recognizes outstanding sustainable stormwater projects.

The Turner Court Green Infrastructure Demonstration Project is an educational showcase for low-impact development (LID) – green infrastructure (GI) stormwater treatment facilities. The site is a Bay Friendly-Rated project that incorporates Bay Friendly landscaping and site development features that reduce water usage and stormwater runoff, reduce waste to landfills, nurture soils to create drought resistant landscapes suited to the local environment, protect water and air quality by minimizing the use of synthetic pesticides, and reduce the use of fertilizers.

The purpose of the project was to retrofit two existing parking lots at ACPWA's Turner Court facility and add different, innovative types of LID features and use this location to educate the community and contractors about sustainable stormwater treatment practices.