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App Concept to Address 10X Goal of Ending Homelessness

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Alameda County employees from ACPWA and other agencies entered the 5th Internal Hackathon, Rethink AC 2019 and won Best of the Best for their app concept called AC Restart. The app would be designed for people experiencing homelessness and coordinates access to housing, food, healthcare, employment services, financial literacy and other resources. Achieving Alameda County’s 10X Goal of eliminating homelessness is a critical challenge, but working together, county employees are demonstrating that there is hope in identifying solutions.

The vast majority of people experiencing homelessness, or at risk of homelessness, are unaware of many community resources available to them. AC Restart is a concept for an easy-to-use app that connects people to the resources they need and allows registered organizations to share upcoming service events with users to increase participation in these events. For ease of use, the app would be preloaded onto free phones issued through the My Lifeline program.

The app concept was developed by county employees, Diana Carvalho, Jennelle Shores, Jay Wong, Michael Good, Shawn Cato, Jessica Havens, Ashwin Swenson, Jameka Polk, Jennifer Schulz, Sean Nero and Simbiat Atanda. Participants teamed up to brainstorm ideas and solutions to help the County achieve its 10X goals as part of ACGOV Vision 2026.

In this year’s “Hackathon,” Alameda County employees from all agencies were encouraged to find creative ways to enhance customer service and/or improve how we work through collaboration, innovation, entrepreneurship and technology. For more information, visit