Capital Improvement Program

The Capital Improvement Program (CIP) is a multi-year plan which outlines flood control and transportation infrastructure projects in need of renovation, repair, and/or construction.

Flood Control capital improvement projects include flood control maintenance projects, flood control capacity improvement projects, creek and wetland restoration projects to provide improved water quality in our creeks and channels; and watershed studies to ensure flood protection and identify the impacts of continued sea level rise on the flood control channels that discharge into the San Francisco Bay.

Transportation capital improvement projects advance safety, congestion relief, rehabilitation of transportation infrastructure and multi-modal improvements to roadways and bridges.  Transportation projects include road maintenance project such as slurry seal, chip seal and crack seal to ensure pavement stability; design and construction of corridor improvement projects, including the installation of bicycle and pedestrian facilities, street lights, traffic signage and/or traffic signals, and landscaping; estuary bridge maintenance and rehabilitation projects on the six bridges between the cities of Oakland and Alameda, and conducting special transportation safety studies to identify counter measures to safety concerns on County roadways.

In addition to project descriptions, the CIP also includes anticipated funding sources as well as planned time frames for both project funding and project implementation.