Right of Way Services

The Right of Way Services section provides real estate support services to the Public Works Agency’s Flood Control Program and Engineering and Transportation Program. It also provides real estate support services to other Alameda County departments, when requested.

Right of Way Services assists with public works projects by determining what types of land rights are necessary for each project. While project plans are being drafted for flood control and roadway improvements, design engineers work with surveyors and right of way agents as a team to delineate the land areas needed for flood and roadway improvement projects.  
Right of Way Services include evaluations, appraisals and acquisition of various property rights. Right of way agents acquire temporary construction easements, permanent easements and permits to enter to construct on private properties alongside our flood control areas and county roadways. When necessary, the Right of Way Section may relocate individuals and businesses, coordinate the relocation or adjustment of utilities and certify the right of way. The right of way work is completed according to the Uniform Relocation and Real Property Acquisition Act and other laws that govern property acquisition for public uses. Right of Way Services also manages property licensing and leasing with Alameda County and Alameda County Flood Control and Water Conservation District.  

The Alameda County Right of Way Services Section is a Level 3 Qualified Agency, authorized by the State of California to conduct all types of right of way activities for the County and for other local agencies when needed. This special designation contributes to the County’s status as an Accredited Public Works Agency.