Adopt a Spot

Adopt-a-Spot / Adopt-a-Creek Program

The Adopt-A-Creek / Adopt-A-Spot Program is a partnership between the Alameda County Public Works Agency and its residents and merchants.

Individuals, neighborhood groups, civic organizations, and businesses can play an active role in beautifying and maintaining their neighborhoods through the Adopt-A-Creek / Adopt-A-Spot Program. Volunteers, including school age children under the supervision of an adult, come together for projects such as removing litter, weeds, and other unwanted vegetation, painting over graffiti, and maintaining plants and wildlife habitat. Areas that can be adopted include County streets, County-owned vacant land, and some creeks and flood control channels.

Other adoptable areas include storm drain inlets, gutters, and sidewalks. Removal of debris in these areas are particularly important prior to and during winter storms to ensure proper storm water runoff and help prevent localized flooding.

Adopt-A-Spot/Adopt-A-Creek Information

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