Prepare for Winter Storms


California storm season is typically October through March, but The Alameda County Public Works Agency prepares for storms that happen before and after this peak season. We aim to maintain flood channels all year round. Please review the information below, and follow the links to additional resources about how to keep your property safe during catastrophic weather.

Sandbag Information

If you live in unincorporated Alameda County, we are able to provide your household with up to four (4) sandbags, free of charge. Sandbags are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week (while supplies last) and can be found outside of the corporation yard gates at the below locations.

Sandbag Locations

  • Alameda County Public Works Agency Buildings:
    • 951 Turner Court, Hayward / Map
    • 6089 Madigan Road, Dublin / Map
  • Fire Stations:
    • Station 6
      • 19780 Cull Canyon Road, Castro Valley / Map
    • Station 25
      • 20336 San Miguel Avenue, Castro Valley / Map
    • Station 12
      • 1065 143rd Ave, San Leandro / Map
    • Station 31
      • 33555 Central Ave, Union City / Map
    • Station 14
      • 11345 Pleasanton Sunol Rd, Sunol / Map
  • Other Locations
    • The Little Brown Church of Sunol - 141 Kilkare Rd, Sunol / Map


  • Please note that stations are self-serve and are not attended regularly by staff.
  • Please also note that you must bring your own shovel and way to transport the sandbags.
  • If you live in an area of Alameda County that is not unincorporated and wish to obtain sandbags, please visit your local jurisdiction to find out where you can pick up your sandbags.

Staying Safe During Storms

Stay informed during storms by tuning into KCBS 740 or KGO 810 AM radio stations for emergency instructions and updates, including flood warnings and instructions. We recommend keeping a battery-operated radio on hand in case the power goes out. See some additional safety tips below:

  • Keep children and pets safe
  • Stay away from large storm drains, which can be very dangerous during high rainfall
  • When possible, bring your pets inside
  • Keep children and pets away from creeks and large drains.
  • Turn off utilities at the main power switch and when advised to do so, close the main gas valve at your property
  • Avoid areas that are subject to flooding or mudslides
  • Respect barricade signs
  • If flooding occurs:
    • Move to higher ground
    • Do not attempt to walk across flowing streams
    • Do not walk, drive or swim through flooded areas, which may be deeper than they appear and can carry dangerous debris
  • Watch out for road hazards such as washed out pavement, trees, fallen power lines, especially when driving through hilly or windy roads
  • Always stay away from downed power lines during storms, especially when flooding has occurred
  • Remember to only use 911 in case of a true emergency
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