Five Canyons County Service Area

Programs & Services

Five Canyons County Service Area

Five Canyons Court County Service Area

The CSA, which was established in December 1994, encompasses approximately 718 acres and numerous developments.  It extends southerly from Castro Valley to Fairview Avenue in the Hayward Hills.  The CSA contains approximately 1300 residences, 307 acres of East Bay Regional Park District lands and two Hayward Area Recreation District parks.

Service programs include: 

  • Roadways, Access Roads and Bridges
  • Storm Drainage
  • Landscaped Areas
  • Open Space, Erosion Control, Mass Soil Movement & Fire Buffer Zones
  • Retaining Walls and Entry Monuments
  • Graffiti Prevention and Removal
  • Administration and Engineering Services

The CSA also maintains the Five Canyons waterfall.

Fiscal Year 22/23 Annual Report 

Fiscal Year 21/22 Annual Report 

Fiscal Year 20/21 Annual Report