Center Street Improvement

Center Street Improvement

The Center Street Improvement Project is located along Center Street from Paradise Knolls to Heyer Avenue in Castro Valley. The project is designed to improve pedestrian accessibility and bicycle safety for school children walking to and from Creekside Middle School. The improvements will further establish a livable community with complete streets benefits to roadway users, especially pedestrians and bicyclists.

East 14th Street Corridor Improvement Project

East 14th Street Corridor Improvement Project

Phase II of the Phase II of the East 14th Street/Mission Boulevard Corridor Improvement Project extends from 162nd Avenue to the vicinity of I-238.  This project will improve multi-modal access, strengthen community identity and revitalize the corridor.  Project features include roadway repaving, improved sidewalks, enhanced crosswalks and new bike lanes. Additionally, this project includes specifics streetscape enhancements such as street trees, decorative street furnishings, bike racks and public art.

Anita Avenue Sidewalk Improvement Project

The Anita Avenue Sidewalk Improvements Project will enhance pedestrians on Anita Avenue, between Castro Valley Boulevard and Somerset Drive, Castro Valley.   Project features include sidewalk construction, curb and gutter, pedestrian ramps, enhanced crosswalks, and flashing beacons.  Bicycle facilities are being evaluated for this project.

This project will serve Castro Valley Elementary School, Our Lady of Grace church and school, and the downtown business district.

This project is funded by Measure B/BB, which requires ACTC involvement in all public outreach efforts.



The Anita Avenue Sidewalk Improvement Project is in preliminary design phase. 

For additional information, please contact the Project Engineer by phone or by email.

East Lewelling Boulevard Improvement Project

East Lewelling Boulevard Improvement Project

East Lewelling Boulevard is an arterial road in Ashland, an unincorporated community in the County of Alameda.  This project will increase safety and improve multimodal access on East Lewelling Boulevard from Meekland Avenue to Langton Way.

The proposed improvements will enhance the livability of the community and provide substantial improvements to the transportation system whereby users, especially residents in the vicinity of the project area, would benefit. There are two schools within half a mile of the project limits.  This project will make alternatives to car travel safer and more comfortable, in turn reducing congestion and improving health and the environment.

Haviland Avenue Sidewalk Improvement Project

Haviland Avenue Sidewalk Improvement Project

The Haviland Avenue Sidewalk Improvement Project includes improvements to sidewalks, curbs and gutters along Haviland Avenue between Blossom Way and Grove Way in the Cherryland Area. Construction is expected to begin this spring with work until Fall 2019.


This project extends the sidewalk improvements installed in 2012-2013 along Haviland Avenue, between Willow Avenue and Grove Way.  

Mission Creek Restoration Project

current status

All construction work related to this project has been completed.  

Work continues on several minor landscaping items, and these are expected to be finished by October 2017.

Gomes Park is now open to the public, and the new public pathway between Lemos Lake and Lake Elizabeth is open for public use.

For additional information, please email or call the Project Engineer.

Community Meeting Presentations

December 9, 2014

September 17, 2015

Letters to Residents

Construction Project Information (Letter to Residents - November 17, 2014)

Construction Project Update (August 31, 2015)

Construction Project Update (Letter to Residents - September 16, 2016)




Alameda County Water District (ACWD) Waterline Relocation Project

The Alameda County Flood Control and Water Conservation District (District) is in the process of relocating two segments of the ACWD water lines in preparation for near future flood control improvements along Laguna Creek. 

One segment, approximately 30 feet of a 14” diameter water pipe, is located at the northwesterly corner of the intersection of Auto Mall Parkway and Fremont Blvd.  The other segment, approximately 90 feet of a 30” diameter water transmission main, is located on Fremont Blvd. at the creek crossing.

The relocation work began in mid-September 2016, and is anticipated to be completed by early 2018.  The District has been working closely with ACWD staff on the waterline relocation work to minimize impact to water service.  District staff also work closely with City staff to minimize traffic impact due to the needed traffic control and temporary lane reconfiguration.

Construction hours are Mondays thru Fridays from 8 AM to 5 PM.  

For construction information, please call the Public Works Agency's Construction Department.

For project information, please call the Project Engineer.

Ardenwood Creek Flood Protection and Restoration Project

Ardenwood Creek Flood Protection and Restoration Project

The Ardenwood Creek Flood Protection and Restoration Project will restore flood water capacity and conveyance, restore and enhance aquatic habitats, and provide long-term vegetation management along Ardenwood Creek between Tupelo Street and downstream of Paseo Padre Parkway, in Fremont, Alameda County, California.

Hesperian Boulevard Corridor Improvement Project

Hesperian Boulevard Corridor Improvement Project

The Hesperian Boulevard Corridor Improvement Project, located in the heart of the San Lorenzo community, will enhance traffic safety and further establish a livable community with benefits to motorists, pedestrians, bicyclists, and the San Lorenzo commercial corridor. Additionally, this project will beautify and revitalize the Hesperian Corridor into an inviting streetscape between the I-880 overcrossing and A Street.

Santa Maria Avenue Improvement Project

Santa Maria Avenue Improvement Project

The Santa Maria Avenue Improvements Project will enhance pedestrian and traffic safety to and from the Castro Valley High School. Project features include the construction of concrete sidewalks with curbs, gutters, installation of Class III bicycle routes with Sharrows, construction of enhanced crosswalks with pedestrian ramps, and planting of street trees.