Cull Creek Dam Spillway Modification and Creek Restoration

The Cull Creek Dam Spillway Modification and Creek Restoration Project addresses seismic instability concerns while modifying the water flow to allow natural movement of sediment downstream.

Using existing sediment in the reservoir, the existing Cull Creek Dam is being converted to a meandering creek with adjacent natural habitat restoration. The new open space will have a beautiful meadow, with the potential for picnic areas and walking trails and pathways along the meandering creek.  One of the trails will even connect to the popular swim lagoon which is above and to the north of the reservoir area.  A paved pathway will also be installed along the north side of Heyer Avenue, behind the existing metal guardrail, between Cull Canyon Road and the existing sidewalk on the west side of the reservoir.  

When finished, the Cull Creek Reservoir will be converted back to an earthen creek, which will improve aesthetics and natural habitat restoration.

Construction of the concrete spillway modifications and creation of the new seasonal creek are substantially complete.  The restoration project, including the final vegetation planting, is expected to be completed by November 2016.

CUrrent status

A debris/safety rack is currently being installed at the spillway opening.  Construction of the paved pathway adjacent to Heyer Avenue will begin soon.

Additional Information

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