Ruus Road Pump Station Discharge Pipe

The Ruus Road Discharge Pipe Improvement Project will improve the Ruus Road Pump Station’s ability to minimize surface flooding along Industrial Parkway and Ruus Road during high storm flow events.  

Work involved includes the reconstruction of the pump station outfall structure, the installation of 580 feet of new 42” diameter reinforced concrete pipe, and construction of four manhole structures. The new pipeline will be placed under the existing parking lane on the northbound side of Ruus Road. 

When completed, all collected surface storm water runoff will be directed to the pump station through a pipe network for collection only.  All water being pumped from the pump station will be discharged to the Ward Creek Channel adjacent to Industrial Parkway West and Southwest through a pipe dedicated for discharge only.

The project is currently in construction, and completion is anticipated by early December 2016.

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Project Letter to Residents in Affected Area

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