San Leandro Creek Trail

Project Overview

The San Leandro Creek Trail Restoration Project between Hegenberger Road and 105th Avenue will create a 1.2-mile scenic, multi-use trail along the San Leandro Creek in Oakland. When completed, Class 1 trail will give walkers and bikers convenient access to the beautiful San Leandro Creek and provide a safe route for local residents to commute to nearby schools, parks, and the Bay front. This project also includes two new pedestrian bridges and traffic signals at Hegenberger Road and 98th Avenue to provide safe crossing at these busy intersections.

The trail will be 10 feet wide with shoulders on each side and will start along the south flood control maintenance access road of San Leandro Creek between Hegenberger Road and the end of Empire Road in Oakland. At the end of Empire Road, the trail will cross to the north side of the channel and run underneath Union Pacific Railroad (UPRR) and I-880 freeway bridges, through District-owned property to connect to 105th Avenue. 

Safety guard railing and educational and informational signs will be installed along the trail, as well as and a vegetated swale along the south side. Over 300 trees will be planted along the trail.

This project is funded by the California Urban Greening Grant Program (Senate Bill 859; administered by the California Natural resources Agency (CNRA)) in an effort to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, enhance neighborhood parks, provide public green space, mitigate urban heat, and develop non-motorized urban trails that provide safe routes for travel between residences, workplaces, commercial centers, and schools. 

Project Features

  • Asphalt concrete paved Class 1 multi-use trail
  • New traffic signals at Hegenberger Road and 98th Avenue
  • 42” safety guardrails along the rectangular concrete line channel
  • Two prefabricated pedestrian bridges over the concrete lined channel
  • One prefabricated vehicular bridge over Stonehurst Creek
  • Planting 325 trees
  • Vegetative swale along south side of trail
  • Trail side benches and exercise equipment
  • Educational interpretive signage

CIP Category

Restoration: Community Access and Education Project

Construction Start Date

Summer 2023


Due to UPRR’s  resistance to approve a trail crossing within UPRR right-of-way under the railroad bridge, the original proposed trail project is being phased (1A and 1B) to allow more time to negotiate with UPRR for the potential trail implementation. Phase 1A limits are between Hegenberger Road and 0.25 mile upstream of 98th Avenue to Columbian Gardens Park on Empire Road.  Phase 1B limits are between end of Phase 1A and 105th Avenue passing under UPRR bridge and I-880 freeway.

The District is in the process of updating the Phase 1A scope and budget, and to obtain CNRA’s approval prior to project advertisement for bids.  This project is currently in design phase.

Project Location

San Leandro Creek Trail Restoration Project between Hegenberger Road and 105th Avenue 


District 3 and 4

Project Manager

Moses Tsang


For more information email or call (510) 670-5448.  Click here to receive e-mail updates.