Project Overview

This project will increase safety and improve multimodal access on East Lewelling Boulevard from Meekland Avenue to Langton Way. East Lewelling Boulevard is an arterial road in Ashland, an unincorporated community in the County of Alameda. The proposed improvements will enhance the livability of the community and provide substantial improvements to the transportation system. There are two schools within half a mile of the project limits.  This project will make alternatives to car travel safer and more comfortable. It is envisioned that the project will reduce congestion and improve the environment.

Project Features

  • New sidewalks with curb and gutter
  • Curb extensions (bulb-outs) to improve pedestrian experience
  • New bicycle facility
  • Improved stormwater drainage
  • Treatment of stormwater runoff
  • New street trees
  • Pavement rehabilitation

Community Outreach

PowerPoint Presentation (February 2019)
Design Alternatives

For more information, call (510) 670-5480 or email