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The mission of the Public Works Agency (PWA) is to enhance the quality of life for the people of Alameda County by providing a safe, well-maintained and lasting public works infrastructure. This is effectuated through the agency's capital improvement program plan.

The Public Work's Agency's Infrastructure Capital Improvement Program is a five-year plan for preserving and enhancing Alameda County's public infrastructure (transportation and flood control facilities). Generally, it is designed to identify and prioritize infrastructure projects, including tentative schedules and funding options.

Infrastructure improvement projects entail the provision and major improvements to public infrastructure, including the design and construction of multi-modal transportation facilities, street reconstruction and rehabilitation projects, and construction and rehabilitation of flood control facilities.

The process of developing the CIP begins with the preparation of a list of potential projects. These projects are generally identified through feasibility, safety or watershed studies, and prioritized using established rating scales. Projects can also be identified by residents and other stakeholders for including in the Plan. Several factors are considered when selecting and prioritizing projects:

  1. Community support
  2. Availability of funding and funding type;
  3. Leveraging opportunities;
  4. Life cycle or maintenance impacts;
  5. Staffing and resource availability;
  6. Risk reduction and avoidance; and
  7. Legal mandates.

By their nature, capital improvement projects can often take several years to complete, with planning , design, funding and construction implemented in several phases. The CIP should be seen as a planning document that is subject to change.

Download the PDF of the Capital Improvement Plan

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