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About the Tree Program

The Alameda County Public Works Agency administers the Tree Program that ensures the preservation of trees within the County right-of-way. This program also ensures that trees are properly assessed and maintained.

Sidewalk with trees

Responsibilities of a Property Owner

Property owners are responsible for maintaining trees on or adjacent to their properties. If you think a tree near your property and/or in the county-right-of way is sick or dead, you can request that an arborist assess the tree for potential removal.

Arborist Evaluation Form (PDF - 483KB)
Tree Program FAQ (PDF - 467KB)

For more information about the Tree Program or any other environmental services questions, please contact us at 510-670-6467.

Tree Planting Guide

The ACPWA has a free, downloadable recommended tree list for Alameda County (below). This list considers lighting and spatial conditions and is particularly useful for planting projects that have size constraints or nearby sidewalks or power lines.
Recommended Tree List (PDF - 468KB)

Man in a cap pruning tree

Tree Permits

Permits must be obtained before pruning trees in any right of way areas. Tree trimming permits cost $50. Please complete and submit the Tree Permit Application provided below.

Annual Tree Permit

Maintenance crews and qualifying contractors can obtain an Annual Tree Permit, which is a non-site specific permit that can be used at multiple locations. This permit has a fee of $500 per year.  For more information about tree permits, please visit our special permits page.

Tree Permit Applications and Guidelines

Pro tip: It is often less expensive (and easier) to hire a permit-holding contractor, than to obtain and pay for your own permit. ACPWA has a list of qualified, permitted contractors available to the public. 

Note: Trimming branches that are less than one inch in diameter does not require a permit.
well-maintained residential street with a row of overarching trees on each side

The Tree Advisory Board

The Tree Advisory Board (TAB) consists of Alameda County residents who are appointed by each member of the Board of Supervisors. TAB and the Board advise the Director of Public Works on matters related to trees, such as determining when a tree or group of trees should be assessed and potentially removed or pruned. TAB makes recommendations to the Board of Supervisors based on these assessments, and the Board will then consider, review, and approve or deny said recommendations. Agendas are available for all previous TAB meetings at the bottom of this page.

Tree Ordinance

The Alameda County Tree Ordinance provides protection and preservation for all trees located on streets within the County right-of-way. To learn more about tree maintenance in Alameda County, you can review our Tree Ordinance (below) or visit an upcoming TAB meeting.

Tree Ordinance (Revised December 2016) (PDF - 160KB)